Our Beautiful French Bulldog Females, are our young mothers of an EXCELLENT Genetics and Pedigree of the BEST bloodlines of Champions worldwide. Of Imported Blood, of UNBEATABLE morphology and UNSUITABLE Structure of the Best Quality of exposure.


Our adult French bulldog females are genetically suitable for breeding or breeding. A reproduction always Very well planned and RESPONSIBLE. Where the most important for us is the welfare of our beautiful and beloved pets. And it is for this reason, that only very sporadically (each or two years) can there be the possibility of having a new litter of such majestic French Bulldog puppies that characterizes us.

french bulldog female adult blinde delacortofsanhz


Female French Bulldog Red Fawn Black Mask De La Cor’t Of Sanhz Kennel


female frenchie pied champions de la cort of sanhz


frenchie mom de la cort of sanhz