Decide VERY Well to WHO is going to buy it!! ..

The most important thing when buying a French Bulldog puppy is; WHO is going to buy it!

BEFORE Buying a French Bulldog puppy, be sure to buy it from a breeder who is registered, LOVE your dogs, and have the KNOWLEDGE OF CYNOLOGY and Experience needed to raise them RESPONSIBLY!! Granting ALL the corresponding sanitary guarantees.

Today, when the French Bulldog breed has become increasingly popular, there are MANY pseudo “breeders” who, driven only by an economic desire, and believe that by owning a female French Fertile Bulldog, they think they know, can and are considered fit to reproduce and get offspring from their dogs — not counting the cynological, genetic studies and the necessary experience and dedication to manage to raise them responsibly. A behavior that, unfortunately, can only result in genetically deficient puppies, outside the breed standards, sick and with severe neurological problems, which are causes of serious health problems that will severely damage their quality of life. It can even be the cause of severe degenerations and premature deaths. Without a doubt the WORST outcome that no buyer of a puppy would want to experience. Ending up with a sick puppy is the result of NOT having chosen a True Responsible Breeder, or maybe for looking for a cheaper puppy from someone who should have never have had their dogs produce puppies.

We, as Responsible Breeders with many years of experience and deep knowledge of Cynology, genetics, and knowledge of the breed. We only bring to the world sporadic litters that are VERY WELL SCHEDULED and PLANNED. All worthy descendants of our dogs suitable for reproduction, with an excellent Genetics and morphology. Which have all the corresponding zoo-sanitary guarantees!!

If you have read and clearly understood the above, perhaps now agree with us by saying that: THE MOST IMPORTANT when buying a puppy French Bulldog is, WHO you’re going to buy it from!

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  1. Claudia Araceliss - February 18, at 3:51 pm Reply

    They are absolutely right.
    I bought a puppy from a very kind family that sold the puppies that their French Bulldog bitch and I could tell they were not breeders, and I died within a few weeks. According to the veterinarian for congenital problems inherited from one of their parents or both. So along with the pain of fondling me, I lost all the puppy’s money plus the cost of vaccines, veterinarian, etc. In the end, for wanting to save by buying a cheap French bulldog “in quotes”, I ended up paying dearly 🙁

    • De La Cor't Of Sanhz - Kennel - February 20, at 8:17 am Reply

      Hi Claudia,
      We greatly regret your loss. As we say in the publication, the most important thing when buying a French Bulldog is: TO WHOM YOU WILL BUY IT! To avoid being seen in these very regrettable circumstances. That is why the most basic advice is to ALWAYS choose to buy from a RESPONSIBLE Breeder !, since it is understood that they are people who know the Race, its characteristics, genetics, etc. What is NOT available to individuals who reproduce their pets.
      Thank you for sharing your experience with us !!


  2. Laura b - February 19, at 9:42 am Reply

    The same happened to me but buying the puppy from a breeder. That now that I have been investigating, I realize that they were not responsible breeders and with as many knowledge and professionals as you. Since the puppy reached to grow a few months before dying and did not have the features or structure of yours. Too bad I did not investigate enough to find you and buy you the puppy. I would have avoided a lot of pain and loss of silver

    • De La Cor't Of Sanhz - Kennel - February 20, at 8:31 am Reply

      Thank you very much for the advice. I was wondering how to make the change of food to my puppy and this information is the best and the clearest I have found.
      Thank you very much for your comment Laura,
      Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly common to hear of unprofessional “breeders”, not responsible or directly from people who, because they have a few adult specimens, call themselves “breeders” only because they are dedicated to “raising” puppies. When you have to understand that a true breeder of French Bulldog is a person trained in the breed, with deep knowledge of cynology, genetics, what above all Love your animals and Responsible reproduces only adults suitable for reproduction, to achieve IMPROVE THE RACE, the real reason that should boost a breeder! Which will allow you to get healthy puppies and within all the standards of the breed. That is the legacy of a good Breeder. And as his Commentary lets us see, unfortunately we are very few.


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